The 25 best episodes of Ghost Adventures (2023)

ghost adventuresis a polarizing show, but one of the bestghost adventuresEpisodes provide a balance between what the audience loves and what the audience hates. Viewers tend to either laugh at the sometimes theatrical nature of Zak Bagans and the questionable validity of some of the paranormal evidence, or appreciate the show for what it is and momentarily pause in their disbelief. Through the seasonsghost adventuresgradually ditched his more embarrassing habits and focused mostly on gathering evidence to get better and better ratings.

It is left to viewers to decide the legitimacy of this evidence. This is a niche genre, with companies likesightingsand paranormal witness. But for believers and casual viewers alike,ghost adventuresis good and worth seeing. The bestghost adventuresEpisodes have stuck with fans of the show for years and will likely haunt them for years to come. Though the ratings fans give episodes can change over time, the scariest parts of it areghost adventuresshow how captivating the series can be.




25 Halloween-Special: Horror im Joe Exotic Zoo – Wynnewood, Oklahoma

The 25 best episodes of Ghost Adventures (1)

One of the bestghost adventuresEpisodes intersected with a hit 2020 documentary series.tiger king,The entertaining and chilling documentary about Joe Exotic and exotic animal zoos in America went completely viral in early 2020. The Netflix series featured some of themthe worst thing joe exotic has ever done, including animal cruelty and a swipe at rival Carole Baskin. For the 2020 Halloween special, it was fitting that Bagan and his team traveled to the infamous Oklahoma location.

They were even able to interview Jeff and Lauren Lowe and associates who also starred in the documentary. Much of the investigation and interviews revolved around Travis Maldonado, who tragically died on the property. A team of cadaver dogs picked up the scent of human remains in a body of water, and the night's investigation included a deep echo tube experiment led by Bill Chappell. However, the results were less than stellar.

24 Pirates of Ranch Island - Las Vegas, Nevada

The 25 best episodes of Ghost Adventures (2)

Back in Bagan's hometown of Las Vegas, Nevada, theghost adventuresTeam opens a shop in a community lot called "Ranch Island".die paranormale Reality-Show. After a tragedy at the property the year before, residents experienced paranormal activity. As the nightly investigation begins, Bagan becomes nauseous and dizzy and drives away in his car.

In an interesting EVP session on the rooftop lounge area, the team tells the ghost they're there to listen and it calls back, "Sure, got it." As the episode progresses, Bagan continues to be referred to by a negative energy affects and even has to lie down. As the night progresses, severe cold spots develop and more male voices are heard on devices. Although not one of the bestghost adventuresAftermath, the EPP work proved fruitful, but it wasn't quite as daunting as other episodes.

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23 Geisterstadt Cerro Gordo – Cerro Gordo, Kalifornien

The 25 best episodes of Ghost Adventures (3)

In one of theBest Ghost Adventures Episodes, which first appeared in November 2019, the gang investigates a mysterious and supposedly haunted old mining town. The name Cerro Gordo loosely translated means "Fat Hill" and is a ghost town in the Inyo Mountains in California. Though the area has a lurid history, the sprawling city has proved difficult to fully explore.

Appropriately, it is located near Death Valley and is not easy to reach as it is hidden in the cliffs. Many murders occurred there as it was a classic "Old West" town with shootings, mining accidents and more. The town had brothels, casinos and bars, but neither a sheriff nor a church to speak of.

22 Upper Fruitland Curse – Upper Fruitland, New Mexico

The 25 best episodes of Ghost Adventures (4)
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One ofBest Ghost Adventures Episodestakes the group to Upper Fruitland, New Mexico, where they help a family investigate an ominous haunting involving the ghostly appearance of a faceless boy. One reason this episode is so popular is that it contains horrific video footage of a chair seemingly moving on its own.

There is further investigative evidence that something is wrong in the house as the video captures strange figures on tape and growling noises are picked up on the devices. Even Jay gets nauseous in the house. However, the haunted house isn't quite as famous as other houses the team has explored in the past.

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21 Lewis Flats School – Deming, New Mexico

This investigation takes place in a school that burned down and became a steakhouse filled with stuffed animals. One of the bestEpisodes of Ghost Adventuresgets straight to the evidence almost immediately, rather than the typical semi-interview formula. It's quite mesmerizing, with EMF spikes, intelligent audio responses, and even the classic horror of fluctuating lights.

The most alarming moment is the exceptionally clear shadow behind a door. Clear enough to indicate a living intruder who appears to have left behind some animal bones. This kind of threat is just as disturbing as any supposed ghost. Despite this, Aaron Goodwin is left alone after a few thrown objects. He gets scared to death by some strange noises and later jumps on his own reflection, which is both captivating and quite amusing. However, Goodwin's reactions are exaggerated enough to rank this among the best episodes.

20 The Washoe Club: Final Chapter - Virgin City, Nevada

The 25 best episodes of Ghost Adventures (6)

This place was featured in the originalghost adventuresDocumentary from 2004 and is one ofthe spookiest places the Ghost Adventures crew has visited. This story is inherently appealing to longtime fans. It is particularly touching that two people who helped with the previous Washoe investigation have now passed away. And according to a strangely random and intelligent communication, the team believes these friends are reaching out.

It's one of the more personal investigations with intriguing visual and audio evidence making it one of the bestghost adventuresepisodes. The audience sees a strange SLS figure, the full-spectrum camera captures a strange fog, and there's a long string of alleged footsteps. A quick visit to a candy store also puts you in a surprisingly good mood, which rarely works in this series. Fog and footsteps are enough to make this one of the best episodes of all time.


19 Chaos in Millville – Millville, Utah

The 25 best episodes of Ghost Adventures (7)

Imparanormal ghost hunting reality show, DieGAThe crew visited the home of a descendant of the notorious polygamous Jessop sect in Utah, which had over 200 family members - leader Joe Jessop had five wives and 239 grandchildren. Bagan and his team examined one of the oldest homes in Millville, Utah, owned by Cindy Lou Hensen, in one of the finestghost adventuresepisodes. A voice is heard at the beginning telling them to "get out" during their tour of the house.

They later capture a shot of light coming out of a closet that had been boarded up for 40 years. Bagan was suffering from an upper respiratory infection and conducted the investigation via walkie-talkie from a van outside. When he asked the malevolent force about Jesus, she replied, "God thank you." One ofthe greatest evidenceWhen he asked what the spirit wanted, he said "James," which is the name of the tenant who was very affected by the house and even burst into tears upon entering. That said, voice evidence was about the only evidence found.

18 Twin Bridges Waisenhaus – Twin Bridges, Montana

The 25 best episodes of Ghost Adventures (8)
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The GAC visits the town of Twin Bridges, Montana in one of the bestghost adventuresepisodes. They were reportedly the first paranormal team to investigate Twin Bridges' old orphanage, which was said to be haunted by hundreds of ghosts. However, the evidence was a bit sparse in this episode, which is why it's not considered the best.

Since the orphanage first opened its doors in 1894, there have reportedly been several strange deaths of children, and while it was locked inside the crew attempted to contact them and the old matrons. Inany paranormal TV show, children's ghosts are easily some of the spookiest bystanders the crew could encounter, and it doesn't get much spookier than a spooky old orphanage.

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17 Old Lincoln County Hospital - Fayetteville, Tennessee

The 25 best episodes of Ghost Adventures (9)

In one of the bestghost adventuresepisodes, the crew travels to Tennessee to investigate an abandoned hospital. It's just an inherently creepy environment, everywhere. But this episode has an intriguing twist of events - the police get involved. While attempting an interview, the police briefly arrive at the shooting location.

A local police department commander describes the potential paranormal activity that could not be a more welcome testimony. Still, a single piece of evidence can make all the difference in fan appreciation. The presence of a potential shadowy figure is a compelling piece of footage. There's a reasonThe best horror movies are set in hospitals. The episode is well paced and the crew uses some interesting new equipment as well. Still, a shadowy figure alone isn't enough to make the most of itghost adventuresConsequence.

16 McPike-Villa – Alton, Illinois

The 25 best episodes of Ghost Adventures (10)

The McPike Mansion is quite a legendary old mansion tucked away in Alton, Illinois. It's considered one of the spookiest places in America and has been featured on several television shows in addition to being one of the bestghost adventuresepisodes. However, the evidence just wasn't convincing enough to make it the best, but it remains a great sequel.

The old Victorian mansion has a very long history of strange activity and reported paranormal phenomena. Some crew members thought that Satan worship may have taken place on the property at some point, but this has never been proven. It is said to be haunted by its former owner and domestic worker.

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15 Benson Grist Mill – Stansbury Park, Utah

The 25 best episodes of Ghost Adventures (11)

ObThe ghost hunting show is real or fake, another Utah stop for the Ghostbusters team was the 150-year-old Benson Grist Mill in Stansbury Park. Built under the direction of Brigham Young, the famous Mormon for whom the university is named, the mill was the site of a young girl's drowning. Outside of EPP activities, however, there wasn't much evidence.

Upon entering the Booth barn on the property, some members of the crew have a negative and disgusting feeling. Eyewitnesses reported seeing a man dressed in black in the upper part of the mill. During the night, Bagan collects a Class A EVP with a man's voice in the mill saying "bike". When he asks the spirit why he said that word, he replies, "I've been thinking about it."

14 Stone Lion Inn – Guthrie, Oklahoma

The 25 best episodes of Ghost Adventures (12)

The adventurers travel to Oklahoma in one of the bestghost adventuresEpisodes (perfect for those who like itdie TV-Show Ghost Hunters) to investigate a small bed and breakfast that was once used as a morgue. Now the owner runs a crime series there and allegedly performs actual satanic rituals. Aside from that silliness, there's a really interesting story. The episode tells the true story of a train robber's corpse that ended up as a mummified tourist attraction for decades.

(Video) Evidence That Had Us Screaming This Season | Ghost Adventures | Travel Channel

It's quite unsettling as real photos of the remains are on display. However, this episode also compiles some pretty incredible evidence, including alleged poltergeist activity. Doors appear to move by themselves, and a camera tripod is knocked over completely. Poltergeist recordings are the crowning jewel of such investigations, inspiring entertaining discussions among viewers. While the story itself is interesting, some of the episode's sillier moments detracted from the overall story.

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13 Fossilized in Pahrump - Pahrump, Nevada

The 25 best episodes of Ghost Adventures (13)

TheGhost Adventures series"Team travels to rural Nevada to investigate a winery plagued by paranormal phenomena in one of the bestghost adventuresepisodes. Reportedly built on an ancient burial site, strange accidents and rumors of a curse make staff nervous.

While most ghost sightings occurghost adventuresare blink-and-you-it-fits moments, this episode was full of obvious horrors. In particular, the crew saw a lot of activity in an apartment on the second floor. There they recorded various loud and inexplicable cracking and banging noises, a TV turning itself on, and what may have been a creature crawling over a wall. This was slightly underthe scariest of the newer outings in the supernatural series.

12 Disturbed in Wickenburg - Vulture City, Arizona

The 25 best episodes of Ghost Adventures (14)

After a paranormal conference, attendees reported a dark energy in the town of Vulture City, Arizona in one of the bestghost adventuresepisodes. TheGAThe crew made their second trip back to Vulture City to investigate what might be going on. A previously abandoned mine, where many people died and which recently reopened, appears to be the culprit, according to local Native Americans who consulted with the crew.

During a Navajo ceremony being filmed by the crew, Bagan captures a very distinct shadow of a soldier in the background of an image. During lockdown, the team gets SLS footage of a ghost shooting through Jay Wasley. Shortly thereafter, Bagan feels a sharp pain in his shoulder and a feeling of pure anger, causing him to stop and tell the energy that it doesn't have permission to enter him. Bagan's harrowing experience as one of thehidden details ofghost adventuresrates this episode relatively high.

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11 Industrial District of the Damned - Salt Lake City, Utah

The 25 best episodes of Ghost Adventures (15)

In one of the bestghost adventuresA burglary led the owners of a 120-year-old building in Salt Lake City, Utah to discover an apparent ritual taking place in the basement. Oddly enough, nothing was stolen, but the building's contents were scrambled. Although the ritual involved a pentagram of sticks and flowers, which is traditionally pagan and not evil in nature as the show mistakenly assumes, most of their investigation revolves around the spirit that was already in the building beforehand.

Many of the workers in the building claimed things attached themselves to them and followed them home. Indie paranormale Reality-TV-Show, the crew searches the basement for clues to a supposed "old witch" ghost and catches the voices of other ghosts upstairs. While the evidence wasn't as compelling as in other episodes, the setting itself was arguably more chilling than other entries.

10 Haunted Harvey House – Las Vegas, New Mexico

The 25 best episodes of Ghost Adventures (16)

It's always interesting when this crew is the first team officially allowed to investigate a facility, which is why this is one of the bestghost adventuresepisodes. At the very least, it gives them some credibility since certain locations have particular reputations at stake. This episode features two very old buildings in Las Vegas, New Mexico.

And once again, apparent shadowy figures are the most alarming and memorable encounters in the episode. Two dark, fleeting shadows rush past a door. It's quite a chilling footage, similar toanything in a film about paranormal activity. But the GAC also collects a wide range of numerous voices and utilizes a good range of technologies.

(Video) SOMETHING Leads Zak & Aaron Down Ominous Tunnel | Ghost Adventures | Travel Channel

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9 Halloween-Special: Der Fluch des Harrisville Farmhouse – Burrillville, Rhode Island

The 25 best episodes of Ghost Adventures (17)

After the very successful first Halloween special,GAcontinued the tradition with one of the bestghost adventuresepisodes. In this 2019 special, Bagan and the crew travel to the infamous Harrisville Farmhouse to investigate the Perron family's haunting. The viewer should be familiar with the name and content, as the 300-year-old farmhouse served as the basis forThe incantationFilm.

The farmhouse is just one of manyreal haunted places that have inspired movies. The Perron family was previously the subject of investigation by the famous demonologists Lorraine and Ed Warren. The case is as famous for the couple as other notable haunted scenes like Amityville and Annabelle the doll. The fact that the area caught the attention of Ed and Lorraine Warren is one of the many reasons this entry is so high on the list.

8 Steinbeck House Haunting – Salinas, Kalifornien

The 25 best episodes of Ghost Adventures (18)

In an episode of 2022ghost adventures, the team heads to the birthplace of famed author John Steinbeck, who decades earlier claimed to sense a dark presence in the house. Paranormal activity appears to have been around for quite some time, and the crew takes an interest in a psychomanteum that was apparently powerful enough to turn off one of their cameras.

In one of the bestghost adventuresepisodes and one ofthe most iconic placesOn the show, their devices also pick up some fairly talkative spirits, one of whom seemed to associate residents with Steinbeck and claimed that a witch's presence could still be felt in the area. Spooky stuff combined with the famous location itself made this a special episode.

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7 Panic in der Pine Street – Paso Robles, California

The 25 best episodes of Ghost Adventures (19)

Hauntings at the Paso Roble Saloon in California have reached such proportions that staff are afraid to remain in the building for any length of time, and their palpable terror makes this one of the bestghost adventuresepisodes. Called in to investigate, the crew encounter shadowy figures and some surprisingly talkative spirits.

The highlight of the episode in theseries that is similar28 days trackedarguably comes as the Ghost Adventures team picks up on a set of words on the polterpod. They hear a man's voice apparently greeting them with the word "howdy," and a woman saying "no, no," and a very clear pronunciation of the name "Lincoln."

6 Ireland's Celtic Demons - Ireland

The 25 best episodes of Ghost Adventures (20)

This two hour special and one of the bestghost adventuresFollow suitably travels to the birthplace of Halloween and recounts a brief origin of the holiday. It's a fun way to get in the mood for the Spooky Season and an inviting time to watch the show. The team goes through an entry ritual to appease an ancient Celtic goddess and there is a story about a demonic cat. It's all a bit stylized, but the specials usually are.

HowAn Irish horror film, the Irish setting is fascinating, and while the first half doesn't offer much beyond an EPP hoot, Loftus Hall, built in 1350, offers far more interesting activities. The team captures a white fog in a doorway, and they also get a voluminous SLS figure that appears to be standing on Aaron's shoulders. The evidence combined with the fascinating location is why this episode is awesome.

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