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We've extensively covered the history of HHC, the newest cannabinoid on the market. But what does the actual high feel like? Many who have never heard of it may be wondering what HHC is and if it gets you high. How is it different from other cannabinoids?

Let's look at the HHC high and how it compares to, say, oh, your traditional delta-8 high. Overall, we guide you through the entire HHC experience. Let's dive into another in-depth guide to one of our favorite hemp compounds!

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If you haven't come to check out yetour other blogsHere is a brief summary of what HHC is and what effects it has.Hexahydrocannabinol, also known as HHC, was first produced by Roger Adams in 1944 by hydrogenating delta-9-THC. By adding hydrogen molecules to the THC, it was converted into an entirely new molecule.

Hydration is not new to the world. We see the process of turning vegetable oil into margarine. By doing it for cannabis, we get something new and exciting. Today we can derive HHC from hemp compounds other than Delta-9 THC. The end product is still the same: a delightful cannabinoid that is growing in popularity!

The main difference betweenDelta-8 THC and HHCis that HHC does not contain a hydrogen molecule. Okay, let's assume you're not a chemistry nerd - what does that mean?

HHC is a "fatter," slower-moving cannabinoid than delta-8 THC. Studies have observed that the potency and psychoactive effects found with HHC were lower than Delta-8. If you think Delta-8 is a little more than you expected, HHC is the perfect alternative to try. If you have no idea about Delta-8 and how it differs from CBD, maybe you shouldlook at that too.

The hydrogenation process used to create HHC also gives it a longer shelf life. Naturally,Delta-8 already has a long shelf lifeif stored properly, but HHC breaks down even more slowly. HHC is less reactive to UV light and heat, so potency is unaffected regardless of room temperature. Overall we can say that HHC is a slow Delta-8.

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Just because something is fun doesn't mean it can get you high. Finally, CBD is not psychoactive, yet many users incorporate it into their daily routine. So what are the effects of HHC and what should you expect?

Does HHC make you high? The short answer is yes—but not in the way delta-9 THC in marijuana would. A THC-like high is produced, but not as intense. HHC seems to be between 70% and 80% less powerful than regular Delta-9. Some consider it stronger than or equal to Delta-8 in terms of potency, partly because of the "slow burn". However, when it hits, the effects of HHC are rarely psychoactive.

Users typically describe it as a euphoric type of high. Overall, the feeling is incredibly relaxing. It's a great way to start or end the day, depending on personal preference. If you're just looking for a way to unwind while watching your new favorite show or end a night out with friends, HHC is your ideal relaxation spot.

Your dosage will also affect how HHC affects your body, with a milder dose likely to provide extremely relaxing results, while a higher dosage will bring you closer to a "euphoric" high. If you're still figuring out what HHC is, it's best to start small so you can see for yourself what the implications are.


All cannabinoids have the same basic structure, but it's surprising how different the effect each one has on your body. It has to do with the chemical bonds.

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Both delta-8 and delta-9 strains have double bonds, while HHC does not. Users have also commented on how a THC high and an HHC high differ in terms of duration of effects. Many have reported feeling the effects of HHC up to an hour or two longer than THC.

But just like THC, the effects and duration of HHC vary from person to person. Your friend can feel the effects for about four hours while you can feel them for two and a half hours. You can often find HHC in todaysteam productsor even gummy bears, so you can dose up or down as you please.


If you want a more detailed explanation of what to expect while high on HHC, we've got you covered! Most people report that HHC provides a gradual mood boost. It stimulates an increase in activity more than THC normally does. While it can cause perception and your headspace to change, it doesn't completely overtake your ability to remain in control. Sounds familiar right?

A Delta 8 THC high is very similar to an HHC high! If you remember, a Delta 8 high is a milder experience than your typical Delta 9 high. You'll feel the full potential of a psychoactive THC high, but without the associated paranoia and other adverse side effects. An HHC high is very similar to a Delta 8 high in that you are baked in an albeit milder form compared to Delta 9 THC.

So is there a real difference in the psychoactive highs between HHC and Delta-8? Somehow!

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Based on a completely subjective experience (remember that everyone processes cannabinoids differently, so the Eighty Six team's experience can vary greatly from person to person), the HHC high feels very much like a true sativa, while the Delta 8 high feels strong like an indica or an indica-dominant hybrid. The HHC high delivers more or less an energetic daytime activity high, while Delta-8 is more of a full-bodied melt-on-the-couch feeling. Both are incredibly relaxing, both get you significantly high, and both avoid paranoia and other side effects typically associated with using traditional delta-9 cannabis.

So, okay - you've chosen your HHC flavor of choice. What exactly has to happen to make you feel the way you do? It's pretty easy! The onset of the HHC high typically follows the bioavailability of your chosen consumption method. Since theWhite series HHC disposablesare, well, disposable vapes, the bioavailability of an inhalable vape is pretty fast. From the moment you inhale to the moment you start feeling the effects, it usually takes between one and five minutes. Similar to any other inhalant product, whether you're smoking flowers or vaping, the high lasts for a few hours at most while you're in full control of your mind the whole time! Sounds like some kind of no-brainer experience, right?

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Various studies indicate thisHHC und THCare not that different in terms of effectiveness and safety. Research strongly supports that HHC is no more dangerous than THC, although you probably won't find much with a simple search on what HHC is from a safety standpoint. Still a relative newcomer to the commercial scene, this cannabinoid hasn't been studied as extensively as CBD or delta-9-THC.

So while HHC is safe in the traditional sense, you still need to be very careful when purchasing it. HHC is chemically hydrogenated from THC and is a semi-synthetic cannabinoid. Impurities and contamination can arise if the hydrogenation process is performed unsafely. Buying from a credible company is key to having a good experience with HHC. As you know, when you purchase Eighty Six, you receive a Certificate of Analysis with each batch.


The HHC produced today is derived from a method that uses hemp as the base product. The low-THC cannabis plant was previously legalized by Congress in the 2018 Farm Bill.

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Be sure to check your local laws to see if your state has banned THC in all its forms. In that case, you can't even buy HHC online in your state. If you are wondering what the legality of HHC is in your state,Check out our map.


Everyone should try HHC at some point! If you have never heard of HHC before and want to know what HHC is and how high the HHC is, this is the perfect starter guide to refer to. As legal hemp paves the way into everyday society, we're excited to introduce such a powerful collection to our family of premium hemp products. Be sure to give theWhite series HHC disposablesTry it today to see what a premium psychoactive experience will be like for you!


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